• FateAI


The ONCO-ND1 platform enables the overall analysis of the immunological characteristics of the tumour and its microenvironment in each individual neoplastic specimen.

The methodologies developed by the group of proponents have the characteristic of maximising the data generated from each individual sample and on the other of optimising its interpretation by adopting a single acquisition methodology based on Next Generation Sequencing to obtain an accurate immunological characterisation that would traditionally require different assays as well as different formats and modes of interpretation.



The FateAI Line is designed for the early identification and histological characterization of tumors through DNA methylation markers.

With the development of the cfMeDIP-seq assay, it is possible to introduce screening and early identification methods for tumors in clinical practice, especially for those tumors with high mortality rates for which there are currently no screening tests.

Discoveries for human being
  • Cancer Screening and Caracterization
  • Immunological Characterization of Tumor
  • Early Diagnosis and Monitoring of Cancer
  • Personalized Patient Treatment